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Anchoring Containers Inside of No-Anchor Zones


I don’t recommend this trick for those who have friends in EVE that mine along side them with an Orca or other large freighter at their disposal – that really negates the need for this trick. But if you’re a solo miner that is out on your own, and tired of running back and […]

Anchors aweigh

I’ve been reminded and overhead numerous times that there’s nothing fair in EVE. Others players that warp in and blow you away when you’re away from your keyboard aren’t fair. You mispricing a very valuable item or commodity and accidentally selling it on the market for a small fraction of its market value isn’t fair. […]

Working in a coal mine: some helpful mining tips

Long time EVE players will undoubtedly look down their noses at new players who post about topics that veterans mastered years ago. This is inevitable, and probably even understandable. But such is the way of life – with each new generation comes the same learning curve that the preceding generation faced. But knowledge can only […]