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Finding a good region to run PVE missions in

Sometimes it’s funny to look back at a learning experience and realize how obvious something should have been to me from the beginning. Where to run missions was one of those learning experiences, and unfortunately I learned the lesson the hard way.

The corp I belong to, Techno-Wizard Industrial Technologies, is based in the Teonusude […]

Anchoring Containers Inside of No-Anchor Zones


I don’t recommend this trick for those who have friends in EVE that mine along side them with an Orca or other large freighter at their disposal – that really negates the need for this trick. But if you’re a solo miner that is out on your own, and tired of running back and […]

Getting started with COSMOS

When I first joined my current corp, the elders kept telling me that I should join them on COSMOS missions, or that I’d have a better chance of collecting the ores normally found in losec systems if I instead ran some COSMOS missions, took out some enemies, and then reprocessed the salvage into those ores. […]

Salvaging tips

Right, so, you’re a new EVE player and you just came across your very first salvager, and you’re excited about all the endless possibilities that you’re going to have rushing out into space and finding the derelict escape capsule from the Nostromo drifting right through the core systems and turning it in for some cold […]

Working in a coal mine: some helpful mining tips

Long time EVE players will undoubtedly look down their noses at new players who post about topics that veterans mastered years ago. This is inevitable, and probably even understandable. But such is the way of life – with each new generation comes the same learning curve that the preceding generation faced. But knowledge can only […]