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Getting can flipped (and making a profit from it)

I have to share this funny incident that happened to me this morning while I was mining out in Teonusude… I’d been shredding rocks for about a solid hour, tag teaming with Max in a Hulk and Atrox in a Hoarder, and transferring between the two using a single jetcan… keeping 1 unit of ore […]

The Early Years

It wasn’t easy for a lowly pilot like me to make my first million. After I got out of the civilian flight school, I bummed my way around Gallente space, working for any rinky-dink local line that would hire me. Sometimes the jobs would be for just a few trips in suborbital craft ferrying livestock […]


For the last several days I’ve been running missions based from the Nakugard system in Metropolis. As usual, a series of events and questionable decisions led me to relocate four ships there, several jumps away from my home base in Molden Heath.

The origin of this temporary relocation was my desire to run some COSMOS […]

First Blood

There’s something inevitably gratifying about drawing your first blood. The sensation of excitement, the thrill of risk, the surge of adrenaline that pumps through your veins when you begin to doubt if launching your first volley was the right course of action. Then you commit your drones, and you realize that it’s too late to […]