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Anchors aweigh

I’ve been reminded and overhead numerous times that there’s nothing fair in EVE. Others players that warp in and blow you away when you’re away from your keyboard aren’t fair. You mispricing a very valuable item or commodity and accidentally selling it on the market for a small fraction of its market value isn’t fair. […]

First Blood

There’s something inevitably gratifying about drawing your first blood. The sensation of excitement, the thrill of risk, the surge of adrenaline that pumps through your veins when you begin to doubt if launching your first volley was the right course of action. Then you commit your drones, and you realize that it’s too late to […]

Salvaging tips

Right, so, you’re a new EVE player and you just came across your very first salvager, and you’re excited about all the endless possibilities that you’re going to have rushing out into space and finding the derelict escape capsule from the Nostromo drifting right through the core systems and turning it in for some cold […]

Working in a coal mine: some helpful mining tips

Long time EVE players will undoubtedly look down their noses at new players who post about topics that veterans mastered years ago. This is inevitable, and probably even understandable. But such is the way of life – with each new generation comes the same learning curve that the preceding generation faced. But knowledge can only […]

Introducing Techno-Wizard Industrial Technologies

I’d like to introduce you to a fairly young corp called Techno-Wizards Industrial Technologies, aka TWITZ.

Based out of the Teonusude system in Molden Health, the company’s motto is “We make the things that make things go BOOM!” As one can guess, that means that TWITZ specializes in making stuff that’s useful in blowing up […]


Welcome to MXB:EVE!

What is MXB:EVE? It’s an EVE Online blog by Maximilian Black (aka MXB or MaxBlack), one of tens of thousands of pilots in New Eden. While I’d love to be able to tell you that I have some great claim to fame such as the CEO of a massive corporation or leader […]