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Alliance Tournament 7 Videos on YouTube

Chances are you’ve read something about Alliance Tournament VII (AT7) on the EVE website or in-game names, but may not know what it is. In brief, it’s a competition that CCP holds in which crack teams of pilots armed to the teeth in their best gear are brought together to blow one another to smithereens […]

Implementing “Out of Eve”

If you’re a coder or website administrator that’s been wondering what it’s like to implement the “Out of Eve” (OOE) application on your library, read on for my insights on the entire process from evaluation to production use.

If you’re not familiar with OOE, it’s a Web-based application that will allow you to check on […]

Capsuleer for the iPhone

Do you ever sit somewhere away from home without a computer, wondering what your skill training progress is, but were unable to check it? Are you bored to death in a meeting at work and would like read EVE blogs?

While there are some cool PC-based tools out there like EveMon and EveHQ, they require […]

The Early Years

It wasn’t easy for a lowly pilot like me to make my first million. After I got out of the civilian flight school, I bummed my way around Gallente space, working for any rinky-dink local line that would hire me. Sometimes the jobs would be for just a few trips in suborbital craft ferrying livestock […]


For the last several days I’ve been running missions based from the Nakugard system in Metropolis. As usual, a series of events and questionable decisions led me to relocate four ships there, several jumps away from my home base in Molden Heath.

The origin of this temporary relocation was my desire to run some COSMOS […]

Getting started with COSMOS

When I first joined my current corp, the elders kept telling me that I should join them on COSMOS missions, or that I’d have a better chance of collecting the ores normally found in losec systems if I instead ran some COSMOS missions, took out some enemies, and then reprocessed the salvage into those ores. […]