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Finding a good region to run PVE missions in

Sometimes it’s funny to look back at a learning experience and realize how obvious something should have been to me from the beginning. Where to run missions was one of those learning experiences, and unfortunately I learned the lesson the hard way.

The corp I belong to, Techno-Wizard Industrial Technologies, is based in the Teonusude system in Molden Heath – this is a Minmatar system right along the border between losec and hisec. It’s a great spot for the corp’s purposes, but it made running PVE missions challenging, as every fourth or fifth mission offered by an agent ended up sending me into losec.

For a while I simply declined those missions, knowing that going into losec was a stupid idea of somebody of my skill level and combat experience. But over time, I began testing the waters by making runs one-jump into losec space, typically early in the morning when there were fewer pirates on.

I thought I was being careful. I checked the number of ships and pods destroyed in the last half hour, checked for cynosural fields, and pinged for updates in the local intel channels. Even when everything looked clear, I still held my breath when making that jump into losec, hoping that red was not to be seen. And for a while it seemed to work fine… everything was largely uneventful, and I was able to get away clean every time. But that lucky streak came to an unfortunate end one day, as I decided to make a multi-jump passage across losec to a hisec system. Dumb move.

I’ll make it quick and say that a Rupture class cruiser doesn’t stand up very well to T2 and T3 warships camped at a gate and quick on the draw. Within a minute, my ships, armor and hero tank were all stripped away, and before I could turn my pod around, it was gone too. It wasn’t the first time I’d be podded in EVE, but I’d learned enough since the first instance to know I shouldn’t get bent out of shape about it. I’d say the mistake cost me about 10-20M ISK at most. Expensive, but I could afford it.

So the mistake I’d made was positioning my base of operations right along the losec border without doing better homework. Of course all the agents available to me were going to be offering up losec missions; that’s purely a function of proximity to those systems. What I felt stupid about was not doing more research of agents available to me in different corps (but belonging to the Minmatar faction) that were safely far back in hisecspace who offered up all-hisec missions.

One reason I probably failed to do that was simple lack of knowledge on how to effectively research this. Once I figured out how to identify agents available to me in areas further away, I identified a new remote base of operations in Heimatar, moved a handful of relevant mission ships there from my permanent HQ, and immediately started having far better success running missions and advancing my standing with NPC corps. The fact that I could accept the overwhelming majority of missions without having to decline any losec destinations made a massive difference.

So if you’re along a losec/hisec divide and are struggling with PVE missions crossing into losec space, take my advice: move. The reward is better, and the risks substantially less.

Like I said, it should have been obvious. Live and learn, eh?

1 comment to Finding a good region to run PVE missions in

  • Some tools you can use to help with missions and agents include:

    EVE-Agents to research a good location for agents, possibly several high level agents in the same or neighbouring systems.

    Mission Reports to get a good handle on any missions you might not have run before.

    And the final suggestion is to consider grinding your standings up to 8.0 for the ability to get a jump clone. [Alternatively you can use Estel Arador’s service to get a jump clone] This will let you keep a reward mission base somewhere else and be able to jump there, run missions and then jump back to your forward base. It’s also a great way maintain a set of implants specific to your current task [mining, combat, scanning, etc].

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