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Getting can flipped (and making a profit from it)

I have to share this funny incident that happened to me this morning while I was mining out in Teonusude… I’d been shredding rocks for about a solid hour, tag teaming with Max in a Hulk and Atrox in a Hoarder, and transferring between the two using a single jetcan… keeping 1 unit of ore in the can to keep it from disappearing (thus no jetcan timer issues) and transferring it quickly between ships.

Well, in my bored zoned-out haze, I hadn’t really noticed a small Gallente frig warp in and sit idly. He was yellow, it’s hisec, so I just kept at it, and dumped some Plagioclase in the can as usual, but was slow on the transfer and left it there longer than normal.

While I wasn’t paying attention, the frig charged my Hoarder and bumped it away from the can, flipped it, and immediately went red – I had aggro, but nothing to fight with. Unfortunately I was beyond 2,500m range and couldn’t grab the content, and by the time I thrusted towards the can, the frig had my ore and putted out of range. His idea of fun was tractoring cans to 50km range, taking the loot and salvaging them. Guess he figured he was too fast for slow miners and haulers to do anything about it. Well I was having none of that shit.

I putted Atrox’s hauler out to a can away from Max’s miner, which kept the beams on the rocks like nothing was happening… I didn’t want him to get the idea that the same person was driving both ships. So to grab his attention, Atrox opened a channel and started smack talking him, while at the same time doing some homework on him. Hmmm… 2006 character, he’s definitely got skills, but I guessed he probably couldn’t do too terribly much damage to my hauler before I could warp away or bring in reinforcements (especially when I had a shield repairer on me). Of course, I was assuming he couldn’t jam my warp drive… besides, Hoarders aren’t that expensive and Atrox was only 3 days old, so it’s not like it would be a big loss even if he did take me down.

I told him that he’d pay the consequences for can flipping me. That got his attention, and he wanted to know what I was going to do about it. I told him to come closer and I’d show him. Surely little Billy Badass would take that challenge – after all, what was a hauler going to do to an obviously more experienced frig pilot? He took the bait and sped over to me, orbiting and launched a Tech 2 Warrior II drone. He obviously was waiting for this big-mouth 3 day old hauler to make a stupid move and then he’d take me down… I’m sure he thought it was so predictable.

What he didn’t appear to notice is that Max’s Hulk slipped back to Teon HQ, grabbed a fully armed Hurricane with six 720mm Howitzers, long range missiles, 5 Valkyrie drones and a full cap and shield tank, and warped back to Atrox.

Before the Gallente stud-muffin could react, he was locked, all guns from Max’s Hurricane roared, and stripped away his shields and half his armor in one salvo. Unfortunately the web couldn’t lock him, and I didn’t have anything to keep him from warping away, but he was obviously caught completely unawares. He hastily warped off, and messaged Atrox back: “What in the heck was that!?”

I honestly don’t think he realized what had happened to him, and was oblivious to what Max pulled on him. But what I did realize is that he warped off before he could recall his T2 Warrior II drone, which was now floating idly less than 5,000m from Atrox.

Well, Studmuffin McGee started to threaten coming back in his cruiser and cleaning Atrox’s clock, so Atrox scooped up the drone, and both he and Max warped back to Teon HQ to end the session. (I had to go to work sometime.)

So at the end of the day, I lost some Plagioclase, but gained a 350,000 ISK T2 done. Not bad for 5 minutes worth of work. I figure I made at least 250K in profit, and had the pleasure of pissing off somebody that probably could easily outgun me if he’d come back before I moved on. And as for the Plagiocase, it took me 10 minutes that same evening to mine back what I’d lost.

It was a great start to the rest of the day and left me smiling all morning. What a jackass that guy was, but I’m still keeping my eyes peeled… I’m sure he didn’t take kindly to being called a “moron” by a noob.

5 comments to Getting can flipped (and making a profit from it)

  • Nice work. I love the fact that scamming, stealing etc is part of EVE, but what I love more, is the fact that the tools for dealing with it yourself are also part of the game, as you’ve just demonstrated 🙂

    In any case, Teo is my home system. Give me a shout if you see me online

  • Thanks for the complement… I figure somebody should benefit from it. 😛

    If you’re ever looking for a new corp, check us out: Techno-Wizard Industrial Technologies. We’re always happy to have cool new members, all skill levels and backgrounds. 🙂


  • Question…you mention something about 1 piece of ore in your jetcan to prevent against timer issues? What are you talking about? Jetcans expire whether there is something in them or not…

    On another note, I love when Carebears fight back! 😀

  • Yeah I didn’t explain that very well, did I? What I meant is that you can jettison a jetcan once every x minutes (I forget the actual duration), and if a cycle finishes before that time is up and you try to jettison, you keep getting that message saying you have to wait… that’s the timer I poorly explained. 🙂

  • Yeah, I got it after I saw another post of yours.

    When I first read it I thought you were talking about the 2 Hr(ish) timer for the can blowing itself up, I saw after I posted that you meant the actual 2 min timer on making a new jetcan.

    Thanks for clearing that up for sure though 🙂

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