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Anchors aweigh

I’ve been reminded and overhead numerous times that there’s nothing fair in EVE. Others players that warp in and blow you away when you’re away from your keyboard aren’t fair. You mispricing a very valuable item or commodity and accidentally selling it on the market for a small fraction of its market value isn’t fair. And somehow accidentally unanchoring a giant secure container that you’d carefully placed out in an asteroid belt that you frequently mine isn’t fair.

Well, the latter is exactly what I foolishly, and unexplicably did, just recently. I realized that making frequent runs back and forth from the station in an ORE ship with only 2900 m^3 of storage capacity isn’t really a good use of time, so I began to invest in giant storage containers at a hefty 270K ISK a pop. One by one I hauled them out to my favorite belt, thrusted out to the appropriate location suitable to my mining habits, launched the container, anchored it, renamed it, and set the password to something nobody would guess.

This was going to be great!, I thought, now I can do a lot less runs than before. I’ll just mine directly into the containers, run back to the station with a full hold when I’m done, then come back with my industrial, clean out the containers, head back to the station, empty it out, then come back with my ORE ship. And it did work really well.

That is until I logged back in the next day and found one of my containers missing. What the fuck! Where did container 2 go? Alas, I must have mistakenly unanchored it one my last run instead of unlocking it. Sigh. Thanks CCP for putting two dramatically different functions so damned close to one another in the context menu. Sheez.

Yeah, there’s nothing fair about EVE, and learning the lessons usually involves replacing something very expensive after you’ve kicked yourself for being such a maroon. Well, at least now I know to double and triple check what I’m doing with my containers when I open them up. Unlock good, unanchor bad.

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