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Getting started with COSMOS

When I first joined my current corp, the elders kept telling me that I should join them on COSMOS missions, or that I’d have a better chance of collecting the ores normally found in losec systems if I instead ran some COSMOS missions, took out some enemies, and then reprocessed the salvage into those ores. Ok, I thought, sounds great. But what the heck is COSMOS and how do I start these missions?

What is COSMOS and why should I care?

First up, I have no idea what COSMOS stands for. And after Googling around, best I can tell there are few other people that do, either. But let’s not get hung up on the meaning of the acronym, let’s talk about what good COSMOS missions can do for you.

There are constellations in New Eden that contain special agents and complexes that will help you earn special rewards and/or resources. These constellations are scattered about, and there are some accessible to every major empire, including Gallente, Caldari, Amarr and Minmatar, so you don’t need to worry about getting shut out of this opportunity based on your starting race.

Also, though I’ve not ventured out to find them, there are apparently COSMOS systems out in 0.0 space as well for those that don’t frequent empire space.

Where do I get started?

The EVE Online Wiki has a pretty good reference page on where you can get started with COSMOS missions. For the first timer, you will need to find an agent in your empire’s space that allows you to begin with a standing of 0.0. You won’t be able to access any other agents with higher standing requirements until you complete missions for lower level agents.

For me, an Gallente in Minmatar space, I chose to stark at Nakugard, which has a 0.0 agent present. The initial missions are pretty trivial, mostly running errands and doing a little mining to get you going. So be prepared to have access to multiple ships and/or multiple fittings to meet the diverse needs. Were I you, I’d make it a point to not have all your different fitting gear stored multiple jumps away, as that will make it a real pain to advance, so if you’re going to do some COSMOS missions, its worth the initial effort of pre-positioning a couple of ships before starting a series of missions. One of those configurations should include a salvager, another a miner, and another a combat ship.

There are a number of guides and tutorials out there on individual missions, so I won’t bother to create them here. It’s a simple matter to search on “EVE Online COSMOS mission guide” and you’ll get several results.

So hopefully this will help you get started, and save you the trouble of fumbling around and asking dumb questions like I did. Good luck, and fly safe.

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