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For the last several days I’ve been running missions based from the Nakugard system in Metropolis. As usual, a series of events and questionable decisions led me to relocate four ships there, several jumps away from my home base in Molden Heath.

The origin of this temporary relocation was my desire to run some COSMOS missions so that I could get better salvage, so I could in turn process it and get some of the rare (to me) ores that I’d need to have a corp-mate build my new Maelstrom battleship. (Yes, I’ve gone from zero to battleship in about a month.)

The problem is that once I got to Nakugard with my Hurrican battlecruiser, it was clear that I needed a salvage ship, which I had tucked away in a hangar back in Molden Heath. And then I quickly realized I needed my cruiser, because some mission acceleration gates won’t accomodate battlecruiser class ships. Oh, and then I realized I needed my gunboat frigate so I didn’t have to keep swapping out the fittings of my salvage frigate.

It seemed I was setting myself up to be located here for a long time… but was it worthwhile? As the salvage collection grew, it was pretty clear that the missions I was running was not going to yield the rarer ores that I needed. It was more likely that Level 2 agents or better would yield those missions, but I wasn’t quite in their favor that much. On top of that, my time out here in Metropolis was taking away from the time I’d been using for mining back in Molden Heath.

Oh, whatever is a capsuleer to do?

I had to make a decision. It was clear that I’d never get the ores I needed by doing what I was doing, and I was probably better off earning the money to buy the rarer ores I needed by selling the ores I was able to mine. And so it began, the exodus of my new little mini-fleet back to my home base. And ne’er was there a more boring session.

Auto-pilot is one thing. Normally I don’t do it for normal sessions, as warping to 15 km away from the gate and having to run on impulse engines the rest of the way is definitely not what I consider a use of valuable time. Generally I suck it up and do it manually, warping to zero each step along the way, trying not to get distracted by other things that are more interesting – like lint.

Well, some 40 or more jumps later, all my ships finally made it back home, and I revisited all my secure containers to refresh them, just to make sure. It was good to be back home again, but I definitely wasn’t looking forward to the long task ahead, mining more ore so that I could buy more ore. Oh, the irony. (Pun not intended.)

If you happen to fly by and see me mining away in the belts, stop in and say hello. I’ll need the company. 🙂

1 comment to Exodus

  • “If you happen to fly by and see me mining away in the belts, stop in and say hello. I’ll need the company.”

    hehe…leave a can out for me and I shall 😀

    Though, ya know for the times you get bored of mining…running those missions to work up to lvl 2/3s would make you more isk than selling ore to buy more ore with 🙂

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