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Introducing Techno-Wizard Industrial Technologies

TWITZ-corp-logoI’d like to introduce you to a fairly young corp called Techno-Wizards Industrial Technologies, aka TWITZ.

Based out of the Teonusude system in Molden Health, the company’s motto is “We make the things that make things go BOOM!” As one can guess, that means that TWITZ specializes in making stuff that’s useful in blowing up those other players whom you’d like to see leave the star system in a multitude of pieces. 🙂

The CEO of TWITZ is Sandhill, an EVE veteran, and he’s recruiting players of all tenures to join the corp and help it grow. While based in Minmatar space, the corp is open to all races and all skill levels. If you’d like to learn more about the corp and see if you’re a match, please join the “TWITZ Help” channel in-game and express your interest in learning more.

As a new member myself, the veteran members of the corp have been a pleasure to fly and interact with, and have been extraordinarily helpful and willing to share knowledge and items to help you on your path. If you’re looking for a new home, give it a look.

You can visit the TWITZ website here.

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