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Alliance Tournament 7 Videos on YouTube

Chances are you’ve read something about Alliance Tournament VII (AT7) on the EVE website or in-game names, but may not know what it is. In brief, it’s a competition that CCP holds in which crack teams of pilots armed to the teeth in their best gear are brought together to blow one another to smithereens in hopes of winning some rare prizes as well as the right to justifiably call themselves champions.

This year, CCP broadcast the entire tournament live over the Internet in HD, and quite of few videos are now available up on YouTube for your enjoyment. In addition to showing the combat itself, commentated by some EVE experts (superfans that have gotten on CCP’s good side and got flown out to Reykjavik for it), there was also a panel of other experts, game developers and designers interviewed and gave their own commentary on all things EVE, not just the tournament itself.

This is a fascinating watch for those who have many, many hours to kill at some point or another, or just string it along through your week during a lunch break. I learned a lot from watching this, and think that CCP did a fantastic job putting it together. And I say that not only as a recent EVE convert, but as a former game industry professional. The production values were rather good, all things considered, and I anxiously look forward to the next AT so I can learn even more. Oh, and it’s pretty awesome to watch shit get blown up, too. 😉

Big kudos to CCP Soundwave for doing a fantastic job at keeping it entertaining!


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